Celtic Angels

TBA (rescheduled from 2019-20 season

  • “Glorious harmonies…”  -The Ledger

  • ​Featuring The Celtic Knight Dancers – with two former lead dancers of Riverdance!

Celtic Angels: Victoria Kenny, Emily Carroll, Tammy Browne, Amy Penston, and Ellie Mullane - Irish to the core and seasoned entertainers all. These ladies cut their teeth in such musicals as West Side Story, Grease, and in Jury's Irish Cabaret. The Celtic Knight Dancers, featuring Patrick O'Mahoney of Riverdance, perform with athletic precision in routines that leave audiences breathless. Their rhythm and artistry are astonishing. 


   The Trinity Band Ensemble of Dublin round out the show with flawless interpretations of authentic Irish traditional instrumentals, and their backing of both singers and dancers is perfection. Combining these entrancing entertainers was a coup of epic proportions for the producers of Celtic Angels Ireland.


   Celtic Angels celebrates the cherished Irish heritage through dance, music and song in this 14-member production. Sharing a zeal and passion for Ireland’s musical traditions, this troupe enables the audience to experience the Real Ireland for the price of a concert ticket. 


Amazing rhythm and artistry.